A Look at Your Tankless Water Heater Installation Options

Tankless water heater installation can make saving energy and money effortless. These versatile and efficient water heating systems are quickly gaining ground in the United States for many reasons, allowing homeowners to take advantage of the benefits of tankless technology. There are two basic types of tankless water heating systems: whole-home tankless water heaters and point-of-use tankless water heaters. If you’re considering tankless water heater installation in Boston, evaluating your hot water needs can help you determine which type of tankless system can offer you the greatest benefit.

Whole-Home Tankless Water Heaters

When looking to replace a whole-home storage water heater, many homeowners often consider a whole-home tankless water heater to take its place. Whole-home tankless water heaters are tankless systems designed to meet the hot water needs of your entire home, and thus have the appropriate water heating capacity to deliver hot water for a variety of uses, such as washing clothes and showering. As long as you choose a whole-home tankless system with the output you need, you can use the hot water for as long as you like without worrying that it will run cold. These water heaters are particularly useful in homes with larger families but few bathrooms, allowing several people to shower in succession with no downtime. Modern whole-home tankless water heaters have advanced significantly from their earliest counterparts, with many units providing enough hot water flow for two to three simultaneous applications. Furthermore, two smaller whole-home units can be installed in sequence to meet higher hot water demands if you require a large amount of hot water for multiple purposes at once or your incoming water is particularly cold and requires significant heating for comfort.

Point-of-Use Tankless Water Heaters

Point-of-use tankless water heaters are smaller units designed to provide hot water for a dedicated single fixture, such as a sink, shower, or appliance. These tankless water heating systems can provide a much-needed boost to your existing water heater if you have a water heater that is not yet ready for replacement but is not capable of consistently meeting your home’s hot water needs. Especially if you have added or renovated a bathroom that now requires a higher volume of hot water, point-of-use tankless water heater installation could be the perfect energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for consistent hot water. Additionally, point-of-use tankless water heaters are ideal for bathrooms or appliances located a fair distance from your whole-home storage or tankless system, reducing water waste by ensuring hot water is available immediately, rather than requiring it to travel from the heater to the fixture where it is needed. Alternatively, point-of-use tankless water heaters can be installed throughout the home to increase the capabilities of a whole-home tankless unit during periods of peak demand or in the winter, when incoming water is colder and requires more energy to achieve the desired temperature.

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