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Sump pumps provide valuable protection against basement flooding. These simple devices stand ready around the clock to remove excess water from your home before damage can occur. However, even sump pumps require maintenance and repair from time to time—the key to protecting your home is catching your sump pump before it fails to prevent the flooding that could ensue if your sump pump isn’t working properly. If you spot any strange sump pump behaviors that cause concern, your best option is to call in your Boston plumber for prompt sump pump repair, even if your sump pump is still working.

Constant Cycling

Sump pumps are designed to switch on when excess water is detected in your home, then switch off after this water has been removed. If your sump pump is cycling frequently, it’s often a sign that a problem is building in the switch or float that controls its operation. Even during heavy rain, your sump pump shouldn’t turn on and off again frequently. If your sump pump is displaying this behavior in any weather, it’s thus a sign that the switch or float needs repair. Although your sump pump is still working, it’s best to call your plumber to handle this situation as soon as possible. Frequent cycling can quickly burn out the motor on your sump pump, leaving it inoperative when you need it to handle rising water in the future.

Loud Noises

While your sump pump won’t operate in complete silence, it shouldn’t cause loud or strange noises. If your sump pump’s noise level suddenly rises or you start hearing grinding, squeaking or rattling, it’s time to schedule sump pump repair. These noises typically indicate a problem within the working motor system of the sump pump, which is necessary for sump pump operation. If the motor fails, you’ll be left without a working sump pump and could face extensive home water damage.

Tripped Circuits

Your sump pump draws main power from the electrical system of your home. Under normal operating conditions, it should never cause a problem with your electricity. If your sump pump is constantly tripping circuits when it activates, it’s time to call in your plumber to determine where the problem lies. There are several possible causes of a tripped circuit following sump pump activation, including a damaged switch, damaged wiring, a stuck impeller, or even an insufficient power source. Your plumber can quickly assess the situation to find the cause and suggest a solution to ensure your sump pump will run properly without tripping circuits when it’s needed.

Our experienced Boston plumbers are pleased to offer sump pump repair and replacement. We can help you make the right choice when your sump pump is failing to ensure this important line of defense remains reliable and efficient. You can check out our full list of home plumbing services and solutions when you visit us on the web, where you can also click through our online blog for more helpful home plumbing tips and information.

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