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Excerpt: Regular servicing will keep your HVAC system functioning at peak capacity all year long. Check out this article to find out why spring is the perfect time to schedule biannual service from your Boston HVAC experts.

Biannual HVAC service is the best way to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Regularly-scheduled tune-ups with a reputable HVAC company will help you save money and reduce stress over the long term by prolonging the lifetime of your furnace and air conditioning, all while reducing your overall heating and cooling bills to help you save money. Spring is a great time to schedule one of your two HVAC service visits this year—as you’re making the transition from heating to cooling, your service technician will ensure your entire HVAC system is clean and in great repair for problem-free function when you need it.

Furnace Checkup

Your furnace has worked hard throughout the winter to provide home heating for greater comfort. As warmer weather approaches, now is the perfect time to have your furnace checked for wear and tear that may have accumulated over the winter. A full furnace tune-up includes replacing any worn parts that could cost you more in terms of energy used for home heating, as well as preventing future breakdowns or a lack of function when you turn your furnace on next fall. Your furnace can also benefit from a comprehensive spring cleaning service to remove any dirt, dust, soot, or other debris from the system to improve airflow and air quality during the days that heating is still needed. Because central air conditioning systems use the same air handler as your furnace, checking and cleaning this system will also ensure that your air conditioner is ready to provide fast and effective cooling when it’s time to turn the thermostat down.

Air Conditioner Checkup

Although it’s been sitting dormant for months, your air conditioner can still benefit from a professional tune-up before the cooling season hits. Your air conditioner can still accumulate dust and dirt over the winter that should be cleaned for more efficient function when cooling is needed. The drainage line can also accumulate clogs or mold while the system is not in use; having this line checked and cleaned will prevent water damage and improve indoor air quality when you begin using your air conditioner, as well. Your HVAC expert will also check the outdoor unit for damage from snow or debris and inspect the coolant lines and levels to make sure your air conditioner has adequate refrigerant levels to deliver the cooled air you expect as the weather warms up. During a spring tune-up, your air conditioner will be activated if you haven’t used it yet to ensure it will turn on without trouble on the first warm day of the year. Any additional components of your air conditioner that require replacement will also be addressed to prevent midsummer breakdowns that affect your comfort during hot weather.

Scheduling HVAC maintenance this spring will reduce your utility bills while making it easier than ever before to achieve indoor comfort and a healthier home. Your Boston HVAC service is ready to perform this vital service at your convenience—please visit us online for more information about our home service plans, or check out our blog for more HVAC information and tips.

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