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While some HVAC issues are minor and can be corrected on your own, the vast majority of heating problems require professional heating repair for convenience and safety. Understanding how your heating system works and how to identify issues that need professional attention will allow you to take quick action to reduce the costs and avoid the discomfort associated with inefficient heating. If you have questions about your heater’s performance or can’t find the cause of a heating problem, contacting your professional heating repair service promptly is the best way to restore proper heating function quickly and efficiently.

Power Issues

If your furnace or heater won’t activate, the first step you should take is to check your fuse box or circuit breaker to ensure the appliance is receiving power. While electric furnaces undeniably rely on power to function, even gas-fired furnaces and heaters often require some electrical current to run certain components of the system. If your furnace is not working but appears to be receiving power, there could be an issue affecting its electrical wiring or connections. Electrical problems should always be addressed by a heating repair professional for safety, so avoid trying to make these repairs yourself. Additionally, if your furnace blows fuses or trips your circuit breaker frequently during normal function, it’s also a sign of an issue that should be addressed by your professional HVAC service.

Pilot Light Issues

Most gas furnaces rely on a pilot light to activate the burner system when the thermostat signals the furnace to begin heating. When this pilot light goes out, the furnace cannot create heat and you’ll experience either no airflow from your heating system or cold air blowing through your registers. You can check whether your pilot light is burning fairly easily; in some cases, all that’s needed is for you to re-light the pilot to restore comfortable heating. However, if the pilot light won’t stay lit or you don’t feel comfortable lighting it on your own, contact your professional heating repair service for help. Additionally, if you feel there may be a problem with your gas line, never try to light your pilot light or use your furnace without contacting a professional heating expert to check the line first.

Lack of Airflow

Central heating systems draw air in through a filter for heating, then use a blower motor to push heated air up through your vents. If you are experience little or no airflow throughout your home, first check your furnace filter to determine whether it needs replacement. A dirty or clogged filter can place excess strain on your heating system and won’t allow air to flow through for proper heating, often reducing airflow output as well. If the filter appears functional, the issue is more likely a problem affecting your blower motor—blower motor issues should be addressed by a heating repair professional, who can quickly determine the cause of its malfunction and make any necessary repairs.

Are you having trouble achieving the home comfort you expect from your heating system? Our professional heating and cooling service experts offer a fast heating repair in Brockton, MA, for gas and electric furnaces, pipeless furnaces, hot water systems, and ductless heat pumps. We can quickly assess your needs and recommend the best heating services; we also provide yearly maintenance and new heating installation when it’s time to upgrade your HVAC appliances. You can find out more about our heating repair and replacement solutions on our website, or check out our blog for additional troubleshooting tips and HVAC industry news.

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